Lead free flashing. ​A modern alternative to lead flashing.

IKOflash is made of a polyethylene compound, with an aluminium mesh reinforcement, and finished on the top side with a fine grey granule

IKOflash is………….


  • 80% lighter than lead – Easier and safer to handle
  • 50% faster to install – 6m rolls = less trips up the ladder
  • No need for joining – can be used in a continuous roll
  • Flexible – Can be worked and formed in the same way as lead
  • Compatible – Works with all common building materials
  • No scrap or re-sale value – Less chance of being stolen
  • Environmentally friendly – Non-toxic and fully recyclable
  • Cost efficient – 30% cheaper than using lead

Typical Applications……


IKOflash is suitable for all applications where lead would traditionally be used:

  • Stepping flashing
  • Abutment flashing
  • Chimney flashing
  • Pitched valley lining
  • Rooflights and solar panels
  • Dormers

IKOflash Product Range

Roll Size*




150mm x 6m                          3.6kg        3.5mm Grey
250mm x 6m                          6.0kg        3.5mm Grey
300mm x 6m                          7.2kg        3.5mm Grey
400mm x 6m                          9.6kg        3.5mm Grey
450mm x 6m                          11.8kg        3.5mm Grey
600mm x 6m                          14.4kg        3.5mm Grey
1000mm x 6m                          24.0kg        3.5mm Grey

IKOpro Stickall Bitumen Sealant 310ml