Single Ply


These modern and attractive roofing membranes can be mechanically attached using fixings, or can be loosely laid and covered with gravel, concrete pavers or used as a substrate for garden roofs. We stock PVC membranes which are UV stable and ozone resistant. They are engineered to allow rapid and uniform site jointing requiring only hot air.

Liquid Roofing


We also stock liquid rubber protective roof coatings which are cold applied and environmentally stable. These coating provide a strong, flexible seamless membrane with superior adhesion that also protects structures from the harmful effects of water, chemical and bacterial attack. Liquid roofing is a simple yet extremely effective waterproofing method. It is ideal for large areas and also when access is difficult or where there are complicated structures on the roof.

Solutions and Compounds


Bitumen roof waterproofing compounds continue to represent exceptional value, and are suitable for flat waterproofing and emegency repairs. Our range covers every application. We also stock an extensive range of sealants, mastics, adhesives, flashings and many other solutions and roofing compounds.